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November 24, 2012
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(Contains: strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
"Yeah, you see me and Oliver have lived for a long time." You looked at him confused but you knew where he was going with this.

"Uh yeah, listen Alfred." You sighed then tried to come up with the appropriate words to say.

"Just 'cause twilight has a lot of fangirls, and they dig the whole sexy vampire thing, that kinda bullshit doesn't work on me." You continued.

"I'm not gonna believe your a vampire, you think I'm stupid or something? Fuck I must be." You said sarcastically.

Alfred surprisingly didn't snap at you. "I didn't expect you to believe it, that's why I didn't bring it up. But you wanted to know. The truth is, I am a vampire." Alfred said while removing his sunglasses and placing them atop his head.

You could see his features clearly now, his red eyes were more frightening without the glasses blocking them. You could also see his face better, he was a good looking guy you had to admit. 'It's too bad he's screwed up and crazy, he's pretty cute.' You thought to yourself blushing for even thinking that. Alfred saw you blush then smirked.

"So the vampire thing does work?" You blushed even redder.

"What? No! Your just crazy, your not a vampire. And your creepy!" You shouted at him.

Alfred chuckled "Just admit it, you think I'm hot." He teased.

"Go away."

"No, I think your just stubborn." His eyes looked into yours then wandered to your lips.

"And I know your dying for this."

He kissed your lips, playfully biting them. The kiss was different this time, somehow it was more passionate. He slipped his tongue in and you didn't resist, you kissed him back closing your eyes and enjoying the moment. After a long intense "make out" you both finally stopped.

"Well then."

Alfred looked at you, his damn smirk never leaving his lips. This agitated you.

"Why do you always look at me like that, it's annoying. I swear those eyes look like they want to eat me. Just stop or I'll punch you in the face."

Alfred laughed. "I do want to eat you, you just look so delicious I feel like I can't help myself."

You rolled your eyes thinking Alfred was just saying perverted things again when suddenly he grabbed your neck and pushed you to the ground. You gasped for air.

"agh! Wh-what are you...ngh!" His grip tightened stopping you from speaking.

"I'm serious, I'll eat you right up _____. And then You will really be mine."

He laughed with a crazed look in his eyes, he was full of blood lust. He showed his fangs and was about to plunge them into your neck but Alfred was violently thrown to the wall. You saw Oliver standing there with an equally scary and crazed look, his smile was terrifying. But it wasn't directed at you it was towards Alfred.

"Alfie dear, what did I tell you about touching my property? ~" he sang innocently but there was hostility behind it.

Oliver skipped playfully over to the weakened red head that was laying injured on the ground. He was still conscious but too weak to get up or say anything, Oliver smashed him against the wall pretty hard.

"I said that if you try and play with "my" toys, I will rip your head off right?"

Oliver giggled then violently grabbed Alfred up by the hair to make him look Oliver in the eye.

"Alfie sweetheart, I'm afraid that only I have the right to break my own toys. Not you, old toys should know their place and stay out of the way."

Alfred shivered and looked completely scared. 'This is what he meant about Oliver.' You thought, equally terrified of Oliver. This was Oliver's true colors, you were currently his new "toy", and you witnessed how Oliver treats his "old toys". You knew he was nuts, and you knew he would kill anyone who got in the way of who he was affectionate for, but you didn't know that all his precious lovers were nothing but toys to him. Toys that when he got bored with them, he would break them or throw them away.

Oliver then began to squeeze Alfred's neck, cutting off circulation and air. He was trying to tear it off. You didn't like to see Alfred like this but...He did try to kill you. They were both insane, and you needed to get out of here before the bloodbath got worse. Crawling on the ground, hiding behind any clutter you slowly made your way to the door.

"______." Oliver sang.

"Where do you think your going love? You should watch, this horrible man tried to take you from me. I'll tear him apart for you sweetie." You froze.

Oliver giggled, then there was a darkness in his voice. "Let this also be an example for you love, Your my toy." He laughed sadistically.

"And I'm your owner, if my toy try's to leave me I'll break them into pieces." He bursted out in a maniacal laugh, that sent shivers down your spine.

"Please stop!" You cried. Oliver looked innocently confused.

"But why honey? He tried to turn you and take you away from me. I can't let that happen." You then were the one with the confused look.

"T-turn me?" You questioned.

"Yes Alfie was trying to kill you , then turn you into a vampire so that the two of you could be together forever." Oliver replied.

"But that won't happen to my precious doll, because I will be the one to turn you and we will be together forever." Oliver looked frustrated.

"And I won't let him take you away from me, I saw you first. Your mine."

Oliver pouted. "And I don't like sharing my toys."

Oliver was really pissing you off, he kept referring to you as an object, he truly had no idea of what loving someone truly was.

"I'm not your doll, and I'm not your toy." You looked at him with serious eyes.

Oliver had the saddest look on his face "But ______, I will do everything for you! Your my princess and whatever you desire it's yours!" Oliver started crying.

"Then let Alfred go and stop this." You said.

"I can't do that, he must die for us to be together."

"Why?" You asked.

"He's in the way, what will I do if you fall in love with him? What if he try's to bite you again, when a human is bitten and turned they are forever tied to that vampire. Because that vampires blood flows within them forever."

You stood up and wrapped your arms around Oliver.

"I will be yours forever, just please let him go." You cried.

Oliver looked surprised but then smiled sweetly at you, he let go of Alfred, who collapsed to the ground. Oliver then wrapped his arms around you in a tight embrace.

"That's what I wanted to hear love."

He whispered in your ear then wrapped his arm around your waist and guided you to the door where you began to walk away. You finally realized that either you were going to be Oliver's or Alfred's and that you had no choice but to submit to whoever, or watch others around you die. It was an unfortunate fate that fell upon you, and not just some other girl.

Alfred's eyes widened and he tried to say something but his throat was damaged and needed more time to heal. He managed to say a few words in a scratchy unclear voice.

"W-wait, s-stop _____ don't go with him. You can't."

You glanced over at him with apologetic eyes and mouthed the words

"I'm sorry."

You and Oliver disappeared, leaving Alfred there feeling an ultimate loss.
Updated this later than planned sorry! So yeah this story is taking a dark direction, as expected from a 2p fic. lol and sorry it's so short.

I feel bad for making Ollie so cruel to Alfie, :( I should make an alternate ending for them. <3

Next chapter will be up soon. :3
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