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"Well well, looks like I ran into a stray kitten."

He corners you. 'What the fuck. Another creep.' You push him away from you.

"Look I'm not in the mood okay?" You say angerilly to him.

"Your a feisty bitch ain't ya?"

He says to you while grabbing something from his bag. It was a baseball bat...with nails in it! And what looked like bloodstains on it.

"Aw hell no! I don't need this bullshit!"

You kick the man where the sun don't shine and make a run for it but he grabbed your arm and pushed you to the ground.

"Quit fucking around."

He said slamming the baseball bat right next to you just nearly missing you. You shook with fear, he really was a phsyco.

"Finally quiet." He says.

"I'll have some fun with you, I have a great number of ways I can torture you."

You freaked out. "What did I do?!"

You screamed at him about to cry and break down, you had tears streaming down your face.

"Your so loud."

He glared at you raising his bat for a swing at you but a hand grabs the bat before it hits you.

"Don't touch my poppet."

Oliver was standing behind the boy , glaring for once he wasn't smiling his Cheshire like smile. The red head glares at Oliver.

"Oh Oliver how have ya been? This bitch is your girl?" The red head sneers.

"Don't talk about her that way." Oliver says irritated.

"Well damn she must be something. You usually never stop smiling." The red head smirked.

Oliver's smile returned. "I lost my temper is all leave _____ alone please, thank you."

Oliver looks down at you and wipes away a tear from your eyes.

"Were you scared love?" He asks you.

You glare at him. "Yeah... Your both hella scary and creepy."

You stand up and push his hand away and run away from the violent males.

"Doesn't seem like she likes you." The red head says.

"Oh Alfie dear, she will soon enough." Oliver smiles widely while staring at you running away in the distance.

"She will soon enough."        

You arrive home and lock your doors immediately and close all the curtains and blinds.

"This is fucking crazy." You say.

"I should call the police." You grab the phone but it isn't working.

"Fuck! Don't tell me that fucker cut the phone lines."

You lost your temper then realize that you have a cellphone. You search your bag for your phone but it's gone. "This isn't happening." You panic , walking in circles you then anxiously start looking out your windows checking every inch of the house. There is a package on the kitchen counter that peaked your interest, you decide to look inside. You open up the package and inside is a bunch of assorted cupcakes.

You cry, "He can get in the house."

You freak and and open up a drawer and grab a chef knife. Taking the box of cupcakes and dumping them in the trash, who knows what he put in them.

"Aww you don't like my cupcakes dearest?" You turn around and Oliver is standing there smiling at you.

"What do you want?" You scowl at him.

"Oh? Isn't it obvious." He walks towards you.

"Stay back, I'll stab you right in the eye I swear." You aim the knife at him.

Oliver chuckles. "How cute, but I advise against it, I've been nothing but affectionate so far. But you won't like to see me mad, it's not very pleasant dear."

He suddenly takes the knife from your hands , he was too fast like he wasn't human. Of course he wasn't human he had to be some kind if monster with those unnatural eyes. He kissed your cheek then walked away

"I'll take my leave for now." He placed your cellphone on the counter as he left.

"Don't even think of calling the police or asking for any kind of help, trust me I'll kill them all your family, your friends. Everyone closest to you love." He chuckled cruelly, then disappeared.

You collapsed hopelessly. That night you didn't see a pair of blue eyes, this was relieving. The next day you walked cautiously into class, Oliver wasn't here yet thank god, but you felt someone tap your shoulder behind you. You turned around to see the temperamental red head smirking at you. You panicked and fell to the floor. He chuckled.

"Happy to see me?" He teased.

"The names Alfred." He extended his hand to help you up, you slapped it away.

"Leave me alone... You and Oliver." You glared at the red head not wavering your gaze. His happy teasing expression changed to an angry one.  

"I will have you." He paused then smirked.

"I don't care if you like it or not."

He leaned down and forced you into a heated kiss, you tried to pull away but his grip on you was too strong. You tried to punch him but he pinned your arms above your head with one hand, and started to move his other hand up your shirt. His hands were so cold, you flinched. He forced his tongue in your mouth fighting for dominance , you could feel his tongue ring as his tongue explored your mouth. You still tried to pull away but it was hopeless, he had absolute control over you. You could feel him smirk into the kiss at your helplessness , you hated it. You hated this bastard, despised him. All of a sudden the perverted red head was torn off you.

"Keep it in your pants and stay away from my love."

Oliver had Alfred pinned to the ground. Alfred pushed Oliver off him and readied his baseball bat, Oliver took out a syringe filled with a glowing pink substance. They were both staring at each other with murderous intent in their eyes.

"Stop this is school what do you think your doing?!" You yelled.

"Shut the fuck up!" Alfred snapped at you.

"Don't yell at her like that, _____ dear please leave here it's dangerous." Oliver said sincerely to you.

You slightly blushed since he actually smiled genuinely at you. You ran out of the room, class was moments away from starting what was gonna happen? Running furiously down the hall you kept running even when the bell rang. 'What is gonna happen?' You thought , two phsycotic boys were fighting to the death in class, was the police gonna get called? You had hoped so but nothing... No panicking or anything. After the bell rang and everyone was in class it was silent.

You curiously wander back to your classroom and slowly reach to open the door and slowly open it. Looking in surprise to see the two boys just fine, Oliver sitting at his usual spot and Alfred sitting at a desk that used to be empty in the far back. Oliver smiled at you, and Alfred winked mischievously at you.

'What the....' You were confused, this whole thing seemed almost unreal, they were trying to kill each other just a moment ago and now things are all happy and peaceful as the boys just sit casually in class. The teacher interrupts your train of thoughts as you were standing there zoned out analyzing everything that was going on.

"Are you coming in?" The teacher said sarcastically.

"Yes." You murmured while quickly taking your seat.

After class a pair of arms wrapped around you and snuggled you. Obviously Oliver, Alfred was more rough and less "cute". Were you starting to not mind Oliver's advances at this point, not that you had a choice. You were his and if you didn't submit... he would kill your loved ones , you had no doubts about that. So you had to play along to his little game.

Alfred walked over to you two, he was a new student too now. He pulled you from Oliver's arms and dragged you away with him , pissing Oliver off he walked over and pulled you out of Alfred's clutches and hugged you tightly glaring over at Alfred who glared back. All of a sudden the two were pulling you back and forth between the two.

"Let go of me!" You yelled.

"I'm not just some object or possession!"

Oliver looked at you and smiled then let go. "Sorry dear." He said.

Alfred still hadn't let you go and took advantage of this moment to run off with you.

"Hey what are you-"

The red head suddenly pulled you and started to run, dragging you behind.

"Run faster before he catches up with us." Alfred said laughing like a little kid, in that moment he was like a child.

Honestly you would rather be in Oliver's clutches because even though he was creepy and possessive, he treated you with a little more "care" and wouldn't try to beat you with a baseball bat unlike a certain violent red head. Alfred was violent and rough with you, he could snap at you and decide to smash your head in at any moment. You ran until you stumbled upon a janitors closet.

"Quick in here!" He pulled you in and turned the light on.

"It's so hard to be alone with you Oliver is so greedy, like damn. He's such a stalker."

You shot him a look. "Your no different." You said coldly.

He looked at you with almost sad looking eyes, he was mad but... Hurt?

"I don't watch everything you do and break in your house." He said looking away.

"What?" You asked.

"What do you mean?" You asked forcing him to look at you.

"What the fuck do you think?!" He snapped.

You backed away at his sudden anger.

"He stalks you! I notice he always follows you around ,and you don't even notice! He's not safe to be around."

You laughed.

"What?!" He yelled.

"It's just funny, 'cause your really no different."

He grabbed your hair, and you just smirked at him.

"Your so violent, you threaten to beat me and you joined this school to get to me just like Oliver. Your also a stalker, he may be a worse stalker but at least he doesn't try to hurt me."

Alfred slapped your face. "You little bitch! I'm trying to fucking protect you! I know how he is, and trust me babe...he get's more violent than me when provoked."

Tears streamed down your face when he slapped you. You looked up at him with tears in your eyes, but you gave him a hardened look.

"How do you know? How do you know each other? You seem like long time enemies or something."

He fell silent then started to speak. "We dated, once." Your eyes widened in surprise.

"Many years ago..."

You looked surprised. "Many years ago?"

He looked at you with serious eyes. What was going on?
Chapter two of the reader insert with 2p England and 2p America. By the way theres going to be an England ending and an America ending. Oh and if you already made the connection, Iggy and America have a dark secret about them. I won't spoil it though it's fairly obvious. All will be revealed in chapter 3.
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Hinatathebloom1 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014
love it ^_^
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I have no jaw now!!!!!!!!! NO UK ANYTHING!!!!!!! *goes in emo corner*
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Alfred:we dated once..
Me: F*CKING SH*T! *pulls butcher knife* YA FUCKING PIECES OF SH*TS!! ITS NOT US-UK! IT'S FRUK AND US-JAPAN!! I don't wanna live in this pla- wait....*puts camera in her sando-bra* well...Yaoi is Yaoi after all...*grin creepily*
BlitzwingRox Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
:iconsexyenglandplz: <- would rather have this guy even if his hair is currently pink and he's a stalker. He has a sexy accent.
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Al: we dated once
me: oh ok....wait...dafuuuu u talkin bout
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(Al) 'We dated once' 
(Me) :icondafuqplz: is going on here
WannaBeATomato Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013
"But you won't like to see me mad, it's not very pleasant dear." Why does this remind me of the Hulk?
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*reads*"We dated once." Me:WTF IS THIS SH!T????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Jason. 2p America is Jason.
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This is getting real good and I'm glad there is a chapter three there is hope that I will catch up lol
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wah amewica why did you slap me??? that was mean...
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XD wow where did you get that from
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My cheesy mind xD
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I use that alot "where the sun don't shine" It actually scares people when i say it! o.O
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Idk why I used that it sounds so cheesy xD but at the Moment it just came to me. Lol
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